Tarbox Road Studios 

New albums 2020
Phil Broikos “A Day In Music: 12am” 1/1/20
The Districts “You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere” 3/13/20
Deap Lips “Deap Lips” 3/13/20
Vanessa Carlton “Love Is An Art” 3/27/20
The Lovely Eggs “I Am Moron” 4/3/20
Joe Wong “Nite Creatures” 5/13/20
Eric Harvey on “Black Lives Matter” 6/2/20

The Rentals “Q36” 6/26/20
Haim “Women In Music Pt. III” 6/26/20
Flaming Lips “American Head” 9/11/20

Making of MGMT Little Dark Age by David MacNutt 2/2018

Baroness Vocal Binge [Making Purple] (Studio B)11/2015, Tarbox Aliens [Making Purple] 12/2015

โอน้อยออก (O-Noi-Oog) - Moderndog Official Music Video 2013

Wolf Gang The Making of Suego Faults 2011

Geoff Rickly explains why Dave doesn’t ruin the mixes. 2011

Dan Konopka (OK Go) nervously emails Tucker Rule (Thursday) 2008

Brazil-Philosophy Revealed 2007

The Mountain Goats at Tarbox Road, October 1-7, 2001

Unsolicited Commercial from Steven Drozd

Unsolicited Testimonial from Jonathan Donahue

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