New 2021 client page photos: Neal Francis, Vetusta Morla, MGMT

New albums 2021
Phil Broikos “a day in music:1am” 1/4/21
Mogwai “As The Love Continues” 2/19/21
Rostam “Changephobia” 6/4/21
Flaming Lips “ Soft Bulletin Companion”  6/12/21
Vacation Forever “Real Life Sux” 6/18/21
The Lovely Eggs feat. Iggy Pop “I, Moron” 7/9/21
Chet Faker “ Hotel Surrender” 7/16/21
The Greeting Committee “Dandelion” 9/24/21
Penelope Isles “Which Way To Happy” 11/5/21
Neal Francis “In Plain Sight” 11/5/21
Karrot Kake Cakewalk 11/5/21
Vetusta Morla “Cable a Tierra” 11/26/21
Nell “Where The Viaduct Looms” 11/26/21
Spoon “Lucifer on The Sofa” 2/11/21
Deserta “Every Moment, Everything You Need” 2/25/21